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Globe Teleservices Pte Ltd, a leading Singapore-based telecom solution company focused
in international voice, messaging, and managed-services is delighted to announce a
strategic investment in EYWAMEDIA, an award-winning, CX-focused SaaS company based
in Singapore

EYWAMEDIA is an independent leader in “O2O Customer Experience (CX) Cloud” that
enables enterprises to engage their most potential and loyal customers, matching their
products with their customers preferences based on offline-online data points. Such
personalized engagements paves way for better sales, experience, upsell, cross-sell and

Globe Teleservices Pte Ltd (GTS) works closely with over 100 mobile operators and has a
global presence across the world. With this significant new investment, GTS is determined to
not only allow EYWAMEDIA to expand further using its global reach but also to ensure its
foray into the coveted Telco sector, with new product offering like CPaaS and CVM into the
world-wide markets.

"EYWAMEDIA provides insights into customers behaviour by analysing multitude of data
points (first party and third party) to predict and influence their preferences. This immensely
helps to deliver value to both customers and enterprises that wish to build lasting
relationships with them. The future is all about omnichannel personalised conversations
between enterprises and consumers and we at GTS along with EYWAMEDIA are strongly
poised to deliver impactful results in the global market”, states Ashutosh Agrawal, MD
Globe Teleservices

"We are elated to join hands in this riveting space of O2O customer experience and expand
it to the Telco sector as well. We would like to thank GTS team for making this cardinal
partnership a reality. They have seen the benefits we bring to the market using our 360-

degree customer experience via our technology capabilities and in GTS we have a perfect
partner who can fathom the huge added value that our ADTARBO TM CX CLOUD Suite
delivers to any enterprise", says Ramasubramaniya Raja, Cofounder & CEO of

EYWAMEDIA’s product portfolio is focused on delivering tremendous value to enterprises by
knowing their customers journeys, preferences, better loyalty, upsell, cross sell, new
customer acquisitions, higher ROI, endless aisles across offline and online businesses,
leading to a seamless and cohesive digital transformation!

"We at EYWAMEDIA during our 6+ years of evolution, with a mix of software stacks,
indigenous hardware, privacy-first design, coupled with AI, ML and NLP algorithms, our
ADTARBO TM CX CLOUD platform (including eCPaaS and eCVM products), have been able
to crack the code of understanding consumer journeys across offline and online touchpoints,
personalise communications throughout multiple channels and build meaningful continuing
conversations between ventures and their customers. Going forward it will be our focus to
remarkably scale our ADTARBO TM CX CLOUD SAAS platform to more prospects across
Europe, North America apart from servicing emerging markets like Asia, Middle East, Africa
and Latin America”, adds Anshuman Chaudhary, Cofounder & CBO of EYWAMEDIA

GTS joins the EYWAMEDIA family along with erstwhile investors ah! Ventures Angel
Network, Wintech Ventures and Kyron Accelerator.

Giving an existing investors’ perspective, Abhijeet Kumar, ah! Ventures and Winston
Ling, Wintech Ventures., said, "As the world gets further connected through multiple
devices, the ability to analyse data in real time and give actionable intelligence to SMB and
enterprises becomes super critical. EYWAMEDIA’s patent pending technology algorithms
opens up a whole new opportunity by allowing personalised multichannel conversations
between enterprises and their customers; this strategy is in line with where the world is
moving towards – privacy protected, multiple screens, multiple networks, O2O
transformation and truly connected ecosystem!"

About Globe Teleservices

Globe Teleservices (GTS) is a Singapore based telecom conglomerate specializing in
product and services in the Voice and Messaging domain. GTS’s innovative product and
services are aimed towards increasing the value of the MNOs with focus on managing
frauds and network vulnerabilities, Customer Engagement and Infrastructure expansion.
Today GTS is at the forefront to deliver supremely agile products like CPaaS and CVM to
market globally.

With more than 350 employees, GTS has a global presence with offices in Dubai, India,
Malaysia, Hong Kong, Kenya, UK and Tanzania.


EYWAMEDIA is a multi-award winning, cutting edge and independent leader in “O2O
Customer Experience (CX) Cloud” that enables enterprises to engage their most potential
and loyal customers, based on offline-online data points to find the best match between their
products and the preferences of their customers! EYWAMEDIA is headquartered in
Singapore with office presence across India, US, Germany and UAE, serving 45+ clients
across 10+ countries, 12Mn+ customer journeys mapped, currently reaching up to 1Bn+
consumers globally.

About Ah Ventures
ah! Ventures is a growth catalyst that brings together promising businesses and investors by
creating wealth creation opportunities for both. ah!’s unique model serves investors,
entrepreneurs & enablers through a unique blend of customised services, skill, and industry
& domain experience.
Founded in 2010, ah! Ventures has systematically disrupted the early stage funding
ecosystem of India through its innovative approach toward start up investing.

About Wintech Ventures
Wintech Ventures invests in early-stage platforms and applications which can become
scalable and globally impactful. Presence across San Francisco and Shanghai.

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