Globe will work with the Filipino government as it looks to crack down on the distribution of pirated material in the region

Filipino telecoms giant, Globe, has voiced its support for a government bill that would make it compulsory for internet service providers (ISPs) to block sites providing illegal, pirated material. 

The proposed bill would allow the Philippines’ National Telecoms Commission to revoke the licence of any ISP found to be allowing access to websites which breech intellectual property law and allow the dissemination of copyrighted material.  

“The economic and social impact of online piracy is profound. Revenue loss are in millions and thousands of jobs are affected due to a myriad of illegal streaming websites and illicit streaming devices or ISDs. More importantly, these illegal sites and devices put customers at risk not only because of its content but specifically, malware,” Globe President and CEO, Ernest Cu, told members of the press in Manilla. 

South East Asia has seen a steady rise in pirated downloadable content in recent years, and the move by the Filipino government is part of a broader, regional push to crack down on illegal distribution of content. 

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