The Curie Cable, named after renowned scientist Marie Curie, will connect North and South America through its trans-Pacific route

Google has announced that its trans-Continental Curie cable, which connects Chile with the US, has been successfully installed and tested.

The cable is expected to go live in the second quarter of 2020.

Google’s Curie subsea cable system landed in Valparaiso, earlier this year connecting Chile with California. Google is now working on a branching unit into Panama.

The Curie cable was announced almost two years ago, as part of Google’s plans to build a better performing public cloud.

Curie is the first private intercontinental subsea cable system invested and entirely owned by Google.

The Curie Cable is comprised of four 18Tbps fibre optic pairs, delivering a total bandwidth of 72Tbps.

Google now owns and operates three subsea cables, with the Dunant Cable connecting the US and France and the Equiano cable connecting Portugal and South Africa.


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