Press Release

Gulf Bridge International (GBI), a high-performance low-latency global connectivity provider, has launched its Experience 2022 strategy to accelerate the delivery of optimised digital experiences for its partners, customers and end users. It has developed a roadmap for ensuring that users across Qatar and the Middle East have the network infrastructure to support the content, cloud and communication services available in 2022.

GBI’s Experience 2022 strategy builds on financial stability, a robust business model, and a long-term commitment to the market. It refocuses infrastructure development by ensuring multiple redundancies, lowering the risk of network outage and upgrading to the latest technologies, whilst simplifying internal processes to better support customers and partners end-to-end. The aim is to use low-latency, ultra-reliable and high-performance network infrastructure to deliver exceptional experiences for customers, partners and end users.

“Connectivity providers across the Middle East have to be prepared to support Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart City innovations. We are preparing for massive data transfer, hyper-sensitive services, and the delivery of real-time mission-critical applications,” said Cengiz Oztelcan, CEO at GBI. “Experience 2022 is about using the solid foundation we built over more than a decade to deliver for the entire value chain and ensure that we are supporting for long-term innovation locally and across the region.”

Experience 2022 includes:

• Transforming processes from basic connectivity and restructuring customer service and support, to enable a superior user experience.

• Upgrading to the latest available technologies, to improve the network uptime, minimising outages and ensuring multiple diverse options.

• Focusing future investments on unique, low-latency and differentiated routes

• Adopting a policy of continual transformation

The result of Experience 2022 will be that partners, customers, and end users will have the freedom to deploy and use mission-critical applications and services, with the best possible user experience. Experience 2022 will remove the barriers to innovation in the Middle East and support the digital future of the region. GBI is continually exploring new ways to optimise user experience for enterprises and end users while innovating in regional and global networking.

“At GBI, we are a connectivity provider that delivers exceptional digital experiences right from the very start. When we launched GBI in 2008, the Middle East was underserved by subsea cable capacity, which resulted in an overall poor internet experience that was inferior to what was available in other markets,” said Oztelcan. “We solved these challenges and our aim is to do the same thing for the most innovative and exciting emerging technologies.”

GBI connects and optimises applications and services with unique low-latency subsea and terrestrial infrastructure that spans India, the Gulf, and Europe. It is committed to customer service excellence and enabling the long-term success of its partners, customers and the communities they serve.