Press Release

Today, at the 2017 Mobile World Congress, Huawei unveiled CloudBackbone, its cloud era backbone solution. The solution facilitates DC-centric IP backbone network transformation, helping operator networks to flourish in the era of cloud services.

Cloud services have become a key component of operators’ future development strategies. However, traditional backbone networks face many challenges in this realm, for example large-scale cloud DCs not typically being located in the same areas as traditional core nodes, the unpredictability of cloud service traffic, or the difficulty of accommodating rapid, on-demand service provisioning. Huawei’s CloudBackbone solution helps operators to build ultra-broadband, agile, and reliable IP+ Optical backbone networks that are more than capable of meeting present and future cloud service requirements.

Ultra-large large capacity to match rapidly increasing traffic demands; one hop transmission even between extremely distant DCs Huawei’s NE9000 backbone router series features the highest level of integration in the industry. Also being unveiled at the congress was the industry’s first 4T routing line cards. A single NE9000 chassis provides a maximum capacity of 80TB, four times that of competitor devices. With such massive capacity, a single NE9000 chassis is able to support 2 million users concurrently streaming 4K video, and will be able to meet bandwidth requirements even 5-10 years from now. In addition, NE9000 routers are equipped with industry-leading 400GE ports, which together with transport devices are able to support end-to-end 400G links, simplifying network topology and saving on optical fiber links.

Huawei provides a 320T-640T all-optical switching platform that supports both terrestrial and submarine cable OTNs. Leveraging this, 100G submarine cables can achieve 12,000 km transmission without electrical regeneration, while 100G CFP terrestrial cables can achieve 3000 km transmission and 200G terrestrial cables can achieve 2000 km transmission. Based on the OXC all-optical cross-connections enabling large OTN capacity and long-haul transmission, a full-mesh DC bearer network that supports one-hop transmission can be built to meet inter-DC ultra-large bandwidth and low latency service requirements.

Agile, on-demand interconnection
Huawei’s CloudBackbone solution can implement centralized resource management, and shorten service provisioning from multiple months to a matter of minutes. Differentiated SLAs are made according to different cloud service or tenant requirements, diversifying operators’ profit models. IP+Optical synergy improves network resource efficiency, simplifies O&M, and reduces TCO. Traffic optimization technology is used to implement load balancing between links, improving bandwidth utilization. Users require on-demand adjustment and guaranteed service experience – the CloudBackbone solution is fully equipped to meet these demands.

Convergent IP network, highly reliable service bearer
Backbone networks bear the following types of services: mobile network, fixed network, and data center interconnection services. Each type of service has its own differing user-base and requirements. Huawei’s CloudBackbone solution supports network slicing, with different network planes virtualized for different kinds of services, and multiple services carried on the same network. This makes network resources more secure and more reliable, through the implementation of inter-service control and management, and physical resource isolation.
At the same time, the cooperation between Huawei’s Agile Controller and ASON protects services against multiple fiber cuts on large networks, achieving 99.999% network reliability.

President of Huawei’s Router & Operator Ethernet Product Line Gai Gang stated: "Our CloudBackbone solution focuses on the challenges operators face in the cloud era. CloudBackbone was designed to help customers build next generation backbone networks that meet cloud service requirements, and comprehensively support operators’ digital transformations to help them achieve business success."

Also during the Mobile World Congress, Huawei launched its comprehensive cloud network solution: All-Cloud Network. The solution provides agile, intelligent, efficient, and open cloud-based networks, helping operators and enterprise customers to achieve digital transformation and business success.

MWC 2017 takes place in Barcelona, Spain from February 27 until March 2. Huawei’s exhibition area is located at Fira Gran Via hall 1 area 1J50, hall 3 area 3I30, and hall 4’s innovation city exhibition area. For more information, please visit: