Press Release

HFR Networks, leading the industry with intelligent xHaul RAN Transport and Edge Access solutions, today announced its flexiHaul xWave 400G solution for 5G wireless transport. xWave delivers performance advantages and cost control flexibility for capacity deployments and upgrades scaled over time. This is an enhancement to our industry leading Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) solutions optimized for xHaul applications.

In today’s competitive market, it is critical for operators to move quickly while lowering the cost of deploying sites and transport across new and existing sites. Operators must make the most economical and efficient use of current fiber infrastructure since deploying new fiber is expensive and time consuming. By enabling operators to deploy multichannel WDM capabilities over existing optical fibers, HFR Networks’ xWave solution delivers an alternative to deploying additional fiber infrastructure or when compared to costly 400G coherent solutions. Enabling operators to scale capacity in increments of 100G only as needed, xWave offers “pay-as-you-grow” economics.

Taking advantage of the proven performance and economic benefits that O-Band optics provided within data center environments, HFR Networks engineered the xWave solution specifically for converged RAN transport applications. In addition, xWave substantially reduces failure points since each wavelength terminates only at its designated site while all other wavelengths pass through via optical filters.

“HFR Networks’ flexiHaul xWave solution was designed to address the capacity and transport challenges that operators face in today’s competitive 5G marketplace,” stated Paul Crann, CEO, HFR Networks. “By enabling operators to scale capacity only as it is needed and over existing fiber, this solution lowers costs while increasing operational flexibility to help drive a faster time to market with superior economics.”