Press Release

HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a fully-fledged fixed-line operator and ICT service provider with extensive local and international network coverage, services and infrastructure, today announced the launch of its International Telco-service Marketplace, bringing international services to a digital marketplace for service orchestration and ordering enabled by HGC Software Defined Network (SDN) architecture. Through this centralised and intelligent platform, customers and partners will be able to manage multiple networks and resources with ease and efficiency, as well as extending business service coverage worldwide.

Customers are empowered to elastically manage infrastructure and services to drive their digital transformation

In the digital marketplace, HGC’s carrier partners, corporate customers, OTT (over the top) players and the developer community can access a wide range of services covering:

1. Global connectivity on Ethernet layer to other major carrier hubs, data centre to data centre worldwide (i.e. Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Los Angeles), on a single orchestrated layer.
2. All HGC flagship Big Data Exchange (BDX) data centres will be connected enabling customers to order private cloud services, colocation and other value-added one-stop services.
3. Seamless connection to Global Internet Exchange will be enabled via the SDN infrastructure, starting with AMS-IX Hong Kong, and expanding to Europe and US-based Internet Exchange to meet the needs of Asian ISPs and OTTs.

With continuous service enrichment, HGC’s services marketplace will also have Metro Ethernet available to all major IDCs in Hong Kong.

HGC SDN-enabled Marketplace immediately offers a myriad of benefits to carriers, OTTs and corporate customers

HGC’s SDN-enabled marketplace provides customers with agility, end-to-end, zero-touch, on-demand bandwidth, the ability to scale in minutes, real-time usage monitoring and data analytics.

• To enterprises and corporate customers, HGC SDN brings high visibility into network performance, enabling them to consistently and holistically manage their networks and resources, ensuring anytime and anywhere availability and fast business deployment.
• With the sophisticated requirements of the digital era, HGC marketplace enables elastic access to resources, achieving faster time-to-market delivery and reaching extensive eyeballs which are especially crucial for OTT players. Carriers can collaborate to procure network resources dynamically, thereby meeting customers’ international needs and extending service coverage to local, global and emerging markets across network boundaries.

Win-win service orchestration and provisioning across the international ecosystem

HGC continues to enrich the service marketplace by cooperating with carriers, OTT ecosystems and data centre providers through global partnerships. HGC’s APIs enables SDN architectures from different network service providers to interoperate with each other, integrating with their state-of-the-art solutions and accelerating the establishment of a robust international marketplace.

Cliff Tam, Vice President, Global Data Strategy of HGC’s International Business said: “The new marketplace launch marks an important leap to elevate customer experience with an important, on-demand and intelligent digital service marketplace. HGC can quickly introduce new, innovative and customised solutions enabling speed-to-market and ease of operations for our customers. It is HGC’s strategy to continue expanding SDN services to enable carrier-carrier interoperability to enhance our network provisioning, cloud connectivity and to provide secure and customised data-driven solutions.”

Jacqueline Teo, Chief Digital Officer of HGC said: “Continuous collaboration with different service providers and partners will enrich our marketplace and, therefore uplifting our customers’ experience. HGC’s SDN technology marketplace is a key part of our digital strategy to create customer centric services which are software-enabled, cloud-based and consumed ‘as a service.’ We will continue to expand and enrich our marketplace ecosystem and collaborate with carriers, OTTs and developers to achieve a superior digital experience for our customers!”