Press Release

Highlight, a UK-based SaaS platform that delivers clear, shareable insights into the networks on which businesses rely, launches a new Partner Pack to make it fast and easy for Resellers to transform the connectivity services they rely on when delivering value-added services to their customers.

Rather than battle with different sets of tools or take on the expense of investing in their own portal, Resellers can use the insights from Highlight to stay informed about the connectivity services they are buying, and the level of service they’re delivering on to their customers. This helps them sell more margin-rich services and reduce churn by improving customer relationships.

For a flat fee of £500 per month, Highlight’s new Partner Pack supports up to 125 devices or endpoints. Resellers can brand the Highlight portal to their own identity and share the portal with their customers. The Partner Pack also includes marketing support services to help resellers deliver on their business goals including email templates, lead generation campaigns and webinars. Set up is typically within five business days.

Bimal Modha, Sales Director at Highlight says, “Connectivity has been commoditised for too long and this not only threatens the profitability of providers, it threatens the success of their customers. And as more businesses operate from the cloud, they need high performing, often sophisticated, connectivity, because without the network nothing works.

“The pandemic has put considerable pressure on businesses,” he adds. “They need agility to navigate the ups and downs of a constricted economy, and connectivity is fundamental to this agility. Resellers need to look for new ways to be successful, add value and differentiate. Highlight’s unique insights bring buyers and providers together by providing the information they both need to succeed, with independent evidence about what connectivity an organisation needs and why.”

For sales teams, for example, Highlight’s intuitive dashboards and reports deliver ammunition for effective conversations, arming salespeople and enabling them to actually discuss a customer’s requirements based on shared, factual knowledge. Sales teams have the evidence they need to stay at the top of their game, close deals, and smooth the renewal process.

Bimal concludes, “As the focus shifts away from product sales and towards service and experience-based models, this is what Highlight helps to deliver. Highlight is helping our partners to avoid commoditisation by letting them wrap true managed services around their core connectivity products, providing clear evidence of differentiation.”