Press Release

Highlight’s leading service assurance platform, delivering end-to-end visibility of both virtual and physical networks, is now available on Cisco’s Meraki Marketplace at

Meraki’s Marketplace is a catalogue of applications that are developed on top of the Meraki SD-WAN platform for Meraki customers, sales and partners to view, demo and deploy. Highlight’s inclusion in the catalogue gives users complete visibility of Meraki SD-WAN connections together with all other network services on a single pane of glass.

Highlight’s Meraki SD-WAN integration enables Service Providers and their customers to see health, stability and load across Meraki overlay networks as well as the underlay connectivity on which the SD-WAN relies, such as 4G/5G cellular, Broadband and Ethernet.

Highlight takes data from the Meraki SD-WAN dashboard and combines it with data from underlying connectivity services. It is designed specifically for Service Providers, enabling them to manage multiple levels of commercial relationships within a secure multi-tenancy structure. Service Providers can also use Highlight to set contractual SLA targets, thresholds, and alerts, and then report against these measures, all with complete transparency to the end customer.

Martin Saunders, Product Director at Highlight says, “We are delighted to be included on the Cisco Meraki marketplace and to support Service Providers with their SD-WAN implementations. Meraki has an excellent SD-WAN portal that shows useful information for a single enterprise, but it doesn’t show other vendor technologies or the underlying networks. Highlight’s service assurance platform has been designed for service providers from day one and from the ground up, making Highlight a very complementary fit with the Meraki dashboard.

“With a transparent and unified view of SD-WAN and all other services, Service Providers can have more transparent and informed conversations with their enterprise customers. Service Assurance goes beyond the technical monitoring of individual components by focusing on the delivery of the network service as-a-whole, empowering Service Providers and Enterprise organisations with a shared point of truth and providing a trusted basis for communication.

“The Meraki Marketplace has become increasingly important for our partners, resellers, and their customers. It allows our partners to collaborate more effectively to become key components in a customer’s technology ecosystem. And for end customers, it delivers easy access to integrated solutions that solve critical business issues.”