Telecom operators are in a unique position to unlock 5G’s huge potential for new enterprise customers, and in turn transform their own business. However, this requires more than just a technology shift. Telecom operators will need to develop new service-enablement platforms and respond to the unique needs of diverse industries. This paper outlines the unique connectivity requirements of modern enterprises and how 5G can accelerate digital transformation. Furthermore, it offers strategies to evolve 5G services in line with enterprise requirements, extending the benefits of 5G to new customer segments and industries. 






Cambridge Consultants is a world leader in innovation and technology-based consulting, helping ambitious companies achieve the seemingly impossible.From large multinationals to innovative start-ups, our clients trust us to develop breakthrough technologies and solve their most critical, high-risk challenges.

With a team of more than 850 staff, including engineers, scientists, mathematicians and designers, in offices in Cambridge (UK), Boston (USA) and Singapore, we have one of the world’s largest independent wireless development teams.Over the years, we have led the creation of major wireless technologies and developed service platforms that have transformed our client’s businesses. This includes the world’s first single-chip Bluetooth radio, radios that manage more than half of the globe’s airspace and the most densely packed cellular network in the world, which has revolutionized warehouse automation.

We have created breakthroughs that defy convention across diverse markets. These range from telecoms, IoT and satellite, to healthcare, consumer, audio and automotive.

This technical expertise and deep market knowledge also provides the commercial insight that helps our clients navigate the emerging technology landscape and offers the intelligence to underpin their most critical strategic decisions. 

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https://www.totaltele.com/res/whitepapers/whitepaper- the_real power_of_5g.pdf