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Pure IP, a specialised global voice communications provider, announced this week that it released a new version of its SD-WAN solution, the Pure IP ONE. The product update will give customers access to new features for network management and analytics, providing secure voice communications for companies in the US, UK, and Australia.

The updated voice solution provides visibility into voice networks with features including call quality monitoring, MoS scores, and automated notifications. With a repository of packet capture data, voice networks can be monitored in real-time, while analytics and reporting tools, including KPIs, provide critical insights into network edge performance. This give companies the information they need to keep their voice communications performing with ease.

The solution also has updated security features, including SIP-aware firewalls, enterprise session border controller functions, and cutting-edge encryption technology. Complete with Stateful SIP Transfer (SST) functionality, sessions can be kept active during any transfer between WAN connections, ensuring quality voice performance even during degraded conditions or outages. The solution is powered with WAN link redundancy, which guarantees seamless failover without dropped calls or loss of audio.

Along with security and redundancy, the Pure IP ONE is designed to provide a quick, agile, and hassle-free migration from legacy voice systems. The solution can be deployed in as little as two weeks and can easily integrate into any network or PBX system, including existing MPLS infrastructure and additional SD-WAN connections. It is also designed to be cost effective, eliminating the costly infrastructure and time delays required for installing new MPLS circuits. This, along with traffic shaping features that separate and prioritise traffic, means customers can now increase network capacity without increasing their budgets.

‘We believe that excellent customer service is the backbone of an effortless voice communications experience,’ said Gary Forrest, Chief Executive of Pure IP. ‘With the backing of our 24/7 international support team, we are thrilled to offer the network management, analytics, and support customers need for a truly seamless SD-WAN solution.’

The solution is available at

About Pure IP
Pure IP has been connecting global and domestic corporations with exceptional SIP trunking services for more than 15 years. Offering full PSTN replacement in 38 countries, seamless integration with leading Unified Communications platforms, and 24/7 international support through its three global operations centres, Pure IP takes pride in solving complex voice challenges backed by outstanding customer service and technical excellence.