Press Release

Trustonic and Huawei today announce the next step in their partnership to bring simplicity and greater security to mobile applications. Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) now supports Huawei’s hardware-backed Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) “iTrustee”, and the HUAWEI P40 Series smartphone supports the TAP SDK at launch. Application developers can use the TAP development platform to leverage Huawei’s hardware-backed security for features such as Trusted User Interface (TUI), which is vital for the next generation of mobile banking, payments and mPOS, automotive and mobile identity-based apps.
The TAP platform makes it easy for application developers to build advanced security and shielding into critical mobile apps. This will help Huawei to create a secure ecosystem for its Huawei devices, starting with the HUAWEI P40 Series, while adding support for the other devices that are upgraded to EMUI 10.1. iTrustee’s integration with TAP will simplify the process of secure application development for Huawei devices and their acceptance into the broader application ecosystem.
“The TAP development platform gives application developers access to the advanced security features that they need to bring trust and richer user experiences to app users across billions of smartphones worldwide,” adds Dion Price, Trustonic CEO. “This announcement is a significant achievement in just one year of working with Huawei and will bring hardware-backed security to an even wider range of applications and services.”

This news builds on the 2019 launch of the first development platform to enable developers to protect their apps and assets with TEE across different devices.