The PEACE cable system will link Pakistan and the East Coast of Africa

Huawei’s Marine division is set to begin a comprehensive subsea study, as the first stage of a new subsea cabling project aimed at linking Asia to the East coast of Africa. Huawei Marine will commence the survey on the 15th January 2018, according to a company release.

The Pakistan East Africa Cable Express (PEACE) cabling system will link South Africa, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia and Pakistan, with over 13,000 km of fibre cabling. 

"The Peace system will provide a new information express way for interconnection among Asia, Africa and Europe by connecting with existing land and subsea cables," Huawei Marine and Tropic Science said in a statement to the press.

Designed by Chinese firm, Tropic Science, the PEACE cable system is expected to be open to customers by the fourth quarter of 2019. 

The cabling system will be comprised of 200G dense wave-division multiplexing technology. The cable will have a capacity of around 60Tbit/s.

Tropic Science’s chairman He Lihui hailed the PEACE cabling system as "an important infrastructure for Asian, African and European intercontinental communications. He said that the system would also "promote economic development of the regions".

The PEACE cabling system will also have links to Europe, via existing infrastructure in South Africa. 

Global connectivity will be a key theme at this year’s Submarine Networks 2018 event. Held in London from the 20-21 February 2018, the event will examine a range of strategies to boost performance in the subsea sector.