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During MWC 2023 held in Barcelona, Richard Jin, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, launched the FTTR OptiXstar F30 product in the Huawei 2023 ICT solution and product launch event. It is the first product in the industry to support both GPON and XGS-PON Combo upstream transmission at 2000 Mbps, enabling ultra-gigabit coverage and a premium digital home experience.

Richard Jin, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, is launching the FTTR OptiXstar F30 product

Since Huawei launched the FTTR solution in 2020, FTTR has been developing rapidly. Currently, Huawei FTTR has been commercially deployed by 87 provincial operators in China and 15 operators outside China. FTTR not only solves the pain point of poor home Wi-Fi experience, but also brings business success to operators. For example, after an operator in Beijing deploys FTTR, the ARPU increased by 30%, gigabit broadband users increased by 130%, Wi-Fi complaints reduced by 60%, and the Wi-Fi speed fulfillment rate reached 100%. This greatly improves the broadband experience and enables users to enjoy a digital life.

As homes shift from HD video-based entertainment centers to diversified digital application centers such as online education, online office, immersive XR experience, and whole-house intelligence, many homes require premium Wi-Fi networks with superior performance in rate, coverage, latency, and concurrent connections. Against this backdrop, the home broadband market is calling for products that support higher bandwidth and better experience. To address this need, Huawei has developed the next-generation FTTR OptiXstar F30. Based on users’ feedback on previous-generation FTTR products, F30 has upgrades in six dimensions thanks to innovations in aesthetics and technology.

Huawei FTTR OptiXstar F30 product

  • Aesthetic upgrade: Designed by the Huawei Aesthetics Research Center in France, the product has a brand-new appearance and four colors to blend with modern residence layout. In addition, it has a small footprint and can be flexibly installed on a desktop, wall, or junction box.
  • Rate upgrade: The product supports GPON and XGS-PON combo upstream transmission, achieving smooth network evolution. Based on innovative hardware and algorithms, the product delivers a whole-house 2000 Mbps rate, enabling users to download an 8 GB 4K movie in merely 30 seconds.
  • Coverage upgrade: The product is equipped with multi-beam dual-polarized antennas, greatly improving the coverage by 30%. In addition, the patented signal source positioning algorithm enables Wi-Fi signals to follow users, realizing whole-house coverage without blind spots.
  • Roaming upgrade: The unique imperceptible roaming technology reduces the handover latency to less than 20 ms, allowing users to make video calls or play mobile games while on the move.
  • Concurrency upgrade: The unique multi-AP collaborative concurrency assurance technology minimizes Wi-Fi interference, and provides a guaranteed bandwidth for up to 128 concurrent smart devices in the whole house.
  • Service upgrade: Huawei provides the one-stop 5A service capabilities, including accurate planning, agile installation, all-in acceptance, active assurance, and attentive care, to help operators build premium service capabilities throughout the process of planning, construction, acceptance, maintenance, and optimization.

Thanks to the preceding six upgrades, Huawei FTTR OptiXstar F30 enables users to enjoy ultra-gigabit experience in the whole house, makes digital life and entertainment activities such as 4K, 8K, and VR more enjoyable, and opens up new opportunities worth of billions of dollars in the home broadband market, helping operators to shift from bandwidth monetization to experience monetization. FTTR is also an ideal entrance for operators in the smart home field. Through this entrance, operators can build an integrated smart home solution and ecosystem. Huawei will continue to make innovations and work closely with global customers and industry partners to achieve high-quality development of the all-optical home industry. Together, we will build ubiquitous fiber connections and light up the digital life of every home.