A bold claim from the Leeds based startup who envisage loyalty as data driven, event based and modular

Tell us about your start up
White Label Loyalty is an enterprise loyalty platform, which offers an innovative approach to customer engagement and loyalty with its event-based system. This means businesses can now reward loyalty program members for any customer behaviour, going beyond just transactions. The event-based engine allows not only for more flexible, customised loyalty incentives, but also for increased customer engagement and retention.

White Label Loyalty operates on an API-first and modular basis, meaning the platform can serve both as an end-to-end loyalty solution and a loyalty engine within your wider marketing stack.

We have served companies spanning over 10 different industries across the world, both in B2C and B2B, including Burger King & PepsiCo. We can help enterprise companies collect 1st party customer data, turn them into insights and run data-driven campaigns as a result.

What is your USP?
Two key things separate us from our competition. First, our powerful event-based loyalty engine, which can make any customer action rewardable. This provides a complete flexibility and agnostic nature for both industry and use case. Importantly, the ability to incentivise and reward any event brings the relationship between a brand and its customers to the next level, necessary for true emotional loyalty.

Secondly, we have built a modular platform that can cater for end-to-end solutions faster and cheaper than competitors. This is thanks to our out-of-the-box and white label nature, which allows us to deliver solutions within weeks rather than months.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
The Telecom sector is an important industry and we’re seen a lot of interest from companies operating in the sector. That’s why we’re excited to be joining the Total Telecom Congress 2022 as an exhibitor. We know and understand the challenges that telco companies face when it comes to customer engagement and retention, and we can help provide tools that improve customer experience. For instance, we can help with projects on how to engage customers in post-sales. If your company has a similar issue, let’s talk!

How have you got to your current stage of development?
We have been proud to be an agile business able to pivot to the needs of the market. This has allowed us to grow year on year ever since our inception. Thanks to our focus on building a brilliant product, we have attracted angel investors and we’re currently seeing a lot of interest for a Series A investment round.

Why did you establish the business?
I founded White Label Loyalty as I saw that customer loyalty was broken. From physical loyalty cards that customers would lose, to program logic that was too complex to grasp, to brands only rewarding their customers for transactions. Something was not right, and we were determined to fix it. Inspired by the loyalty that sports fans have for their clubs, as a former professional football player I was determined to bring such loyalty into the brand-customer relationship too.

So, we’ve built a platform that helps brands create more meaningful relationships with their customers and allows them to reward them for any customer behaviour. Over the years, we’ve made it very simple for businesses to launch or upgrade their loyalty program by building functional modules that can be connected to make the right solution for a business no matter the industry or use case.

Having grown year on year since our inception, we are now a proud technology partner to some of the biggest brands in the world and have proven product-market fit.

Who inspired you?
I grew up in an entrepreneurial family environment, which set the tone for my professional career. I have always had an interest in technology. I started my first tech business around 13 year ago but before that I joined a tech startup and got the appetite for it when we took the business from £0 – £6M in less than 2 years. I realised this is something I do well.

My ambition and motivation is solving problems using tech, especially with engagement and communicating across borders effortlessly.

What does the future hold for your business?
Our mission is to become a household name in digital loyalty. We pride ourselves on having cutting edge technology, which is why we constantly improve and innovate our product to stay up to date with the latest trends. For instance, we anticipate considerable need for our brand new AI module as brands globally collect more customer data and they need to make sense of it. We want to help them turn this data into actionable insight by providing them with the tools that make it simple to do so.

FOUNDER: Achille Traore

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