We caught up with Johannes Springer ahead of our upcoming event Connected Germany which is being held in Mainz on April 5-6 2022

Can you introduce yourself and your role?

Dr. Johannes Springer, Lead 5G Automotive Program at Deutsche Telekom, representing Deutsche Telekom in various groups around connected and automated mobility, also in the 5G Automotive Association, acting there as Director General

What have been the biggest developments in connected mobility in Germany in the last year or so?

Introduction of 5G capabilities in real production, and therefore infrastructures such as Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC), Network as Service API’s, e.g. for Quality on Demand, or Precise Positioning Services are available; Connected Mobility Applications can and already make use of them, to provide great new connected mobility services, such Automated Valet Parking

What are you most looking forward to at Connected Germany?

To connect with other relevant players in the mobility ecosystem, to facilitate the cooperation and exchange of valuable information between the traffic participants on the road, the road infrastructure, and the service providers, facilitated by the power of 5G networks.

How is advanced connectivity transforming mobility within Germany? Hear more from Johannes and the rest of our amazing speaker line-up at Connected Germany – just follow the link and register your place for Mainz for April 5 & 6 2022.