The Ascend 910 has exceeded Huawei’s test specifications in real world testing

Huawei has launched its brand-new AI chip set, the Ascend 910, which the company claims is the world’s most powerful Artificial Intelligence chip.

Ascend 910 delivers 256 TeraFLOPS for half-precision floating point (FP16) operations. For integer precision calculations (INT8), it delivers 512 TeraOPS with power consumption of just 310W.

Huawei originally unveiled the specifications for the Ascend 910 chipset at last year’s Huawei Connect event in Shanghai.

Speaking earlier today at the launch event in Shenzhen, Huawei’s rotating chairman, Eric Xu, said that the chipset had exceeded the company’s expectations.

"Ascend 910 performs much better than we expected," said Xu. "Without a doubt, it has more computing power than any other AI processor in the world."

The Ascend 910 will enable development of use cases in the connected vehicle sector, as well as having applications in network automation and management.

Asked whether manufacturing of the new chipset would be impacted by Huawei being added to the US’ Entity List, Xu said that it categorically would not.

"There is no issue at all in sourcing the components for the Ascend 910 – It will not be affected by the US ban at all", Xu said.

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