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SSE Enterprise Telecoms – one of the UK’s leading connectivity suppliers, and part of SSE plc – today announces that a three-year partnership with critical broadcast connectivity provider SIS LIVE, now part of the NEP Worldwide Network, has helped support its acceleration as one of the fastest growing broadcast providers of critical fibre services. SIS LIVE, which will rebrand as “NEP Connect,” utilises SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ expansive network and industry expertise to implement an aggressive expansion plan, growing their number of connected broadcast venues by over 85 percent.

With connectivity services now available across 150 venues, which include all Premiership football stadiums, racecourses, studios and broadcasters, SIS LIVE is able to provide a fully managed broadcast network service which can be configured each day, to suit each broadcasters’ specific needs. In fact, their specialised broadcast network equipment is embedded within SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ core network which allows the broadcaster’s services to be truly managed end to end.

Together, the SIS LIVE and SSE Enterprise Telecoms partnership enables the transmission of over 100,000 hours of live television footage each year – placing SIS LIVE as one of the biggest broadcast service companies in the UK. Peak points occur every weekend when British and international sports broadcasters rely on the brand to transmit uninterrupted visual data through the use of fibre and satellites. Major international sporting events such as test cricket, Premiership football and the FA Cup are all supported by this network.

It was SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ consultative approach that drew SIS LIVE to partner with them. Unlike other telecoms operators, SSE Enterprise Telecoms understood the operational urgency and strict timescales in which SIS LIVE must adhere to, in order to supply their broadcast customers with reliable connectivity services. In fact, at the time of partnering, multiple broadcasters relied on SIS LIVE to deliver their critical services.

The company has since gone on to support some of the UK’s most-watched feeds including 2018’s Royal Wedding, FA Cup, and the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Supporting SIS LIVE’s core network and high bandwidth requirements further, SSE Enterprise Telecoms recently announced an exciting two-year roll-out programme which will see them unbundle an additional 177 BT exchanges, extending their network reach to a further 180,000 UK business postcodes at even higher capacities of up to 100Gbps.

Colin Sempill, MD, SSE Enterprise Telecoms said: "SSE Enterprise Telecoms views every customer individually. A business such as SIS LIVE has very specific requirements around latency and capacity when supporting the delivery of live television. We understand the pressures and unique needs they have, and work in tandem with their project teams to be entirely transparent from start to finish. We see SIS LIVE as a partner with whom we’re building a lasting relationship to ensure sustained growth and prosperity for both parties.”

David Meynell, MD, SIS LIVE said: “SSE Enterprise Telecoms has become our primary connectivity provider. They’re flexible and understand what we’re trying to do. It’s a transparent organisation with expertise that helps us take advantage of new technologies and maintain control of our network to ensure continued growth. We’re looking forward to continued momentum as our partnership goes from strength to strength.”

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