Hyperoptic has recently revealed plans to rollout 5 million full fibre connections in the UK by 2025

The UK’s largest gigabit broadband provider, Hyperoptic, has appointed Boris Dragovic to the role of chief strategy and transformation officer. 

Last month, Hyperoptic raised £250m to finance its ambitious plans for fibre to the home (FTTH) rollout in the UK, and Dragovic will play a key role in steering that initiative.   

“Hyperoptic has hugely grown over the last five years. The recent £250 million we secured in funding is going to fuel another period of fast expansion of both our network and team. Boris will ensure that we scale and employ capital efficiently and effectively. Hyperoptic’s successful growth is not just great for us – ultimately it means that we can Gigabit Britain faster," said Dana Tobak, CEO, Hyperoptic. 

Dragovic brings a wealth of experience to the role and holds a PhD in the field of Mobile Computing, Telecommunications and Information Security from the University of Cambridge. 

Hyperoptic currently provides around half a million FTTH connections in the UK, but it plans to scale up to reach 2 million more homes by 2022 and 5 million by 2025. 

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