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i3forum, a non-profit industry body focused on transformation in carrier business, launched i3forum Insights at International Telecoms Week 2019. The solution will be powered by TeleGeography, a data-driven telecommunications market research company.

i3forum Insights is a comprehensive and operationally relevant database for international voice services that is designed and managed by i3forum members and available to both members and non-members of i3forum. It enables carriers to upload their voice traffic data into a database, which is then anonymised and aggregated.

Each participating carrier is able to compare its own data against the data provided by other participating carriers using a state-of-the-art analytics engine, Tableau. The anonymised, aggregated data will directly support business and marketing planning, organisational alignment, routing optimisation, pricing and procurement.

“We are really proud to announce the launch of i3forum Insights. We have gone beyond producing recommendations to deliver a service designed for carriers, by carriers,” said Philippe Millet, Chairman of i3forum. “With the support of TeleGeography, we want to maximise the potential of the data in our businesses to support the industry with data-driven insights and intelligence. We truly believe that when global carriers work together, we can all benefit from the wealth of data in our industry.”

TeleGeography was selected to build and operate the service due to their expertise in compiling and managing large data sets specific to the carrier industry. Participating carriers will work closely with TeleGeography prior to and during the onboarding phase to ensure a seamless operation of the solution itself. The Tableau platform, an industry leader in analytics and business intelligence, enables carriers to upload and view data within a single interface.

“This is a great opportunity for carriers to collaborate and compare data in a secure, anonymous environment,” said TeleGeography Senior Analyst and Data Science Manager Mike Bisaha. “We’re thrilled to support i3forum on this venture. We look forward to working with participants and simplifying how carriers share information.”

The launch of i3forum Insights is another milestone in the long-term strategy of i3forum continuing to accelerate transformation through collaboration in the international carrier industry. Joining “Day 1” ensures that carriers can use the service from the beginning of 2020 and participate in solution design and acceptance with the vendor.

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About i3forum

i3forum is a not-for-profit industry body that brings together the international Carrier ecosystem to enable and accelerate transformation. Its members promote industrywide collaboration with an open and inclusive model focused on enabling success in a changing market. i3forum decides the challenges and topics to address based on what will accelerate transformation and create real benefits for members and the entire telecommunications ecosystem. The members develop and curate practical recommendations and best practice for adopting and delivering new technologies, solutions and business models with the ultimate goal of having a positive and lasting impact on the telecommunications industry.