Press Release

iBwave the standard for in-building wireless network design is excited to announce that iBwave Wi-Fi now offers Wi-Fi design and planning support for Riverbed Xirrus solutions.

With the continued growth of mobile data consumption designing Wi-Fi networks for high density venues and tackling capacity issues has become a big challenge for enterprises today. The latest release of iBwave Wi-Fi® supports Riverbed Xirrus multi-radio (2-8 radio) APs, which will allow Xirrus partners to benefit from an accurate Wi-Fi design and planning solution for each phase of a high-density Wi-Fi project. This ensures carrier-grade network reliability and end-user satisfaction.

Here are some key features and unique capabilities that make iBwave Wi-Fi a great planning and design solution for Riverbed Xirrus Wi-Fi:
• 3D predictive modeling
• Converged networks design
• Advanced capacity planning
• Streamlined site surveys
• Cloud collaboration
• Design, review and approval workflow
• Automated BOM creation

“The ability to design and visualize Wi-Fi networks in 3-D is a unique iBwave feature that I have come to rely on for access point placement and troubleshooting. The granularity iBwave provides is exceptional, especially with the new capability to design with multi-radio APs that are unique to Riverbed Xirrus for supporting high-density Wi-Fi networks. Add to that the mobile tools and the variety of reports you can generate makes iBwave an invaluable tool for Wi-Fi deployment” – Ty Parker, Director Solutions Engineering for Riverbed Technology.

“iBwave Wi-Fi® is proud to offer multi-radio AP design and planning to support Riverbed Xirrus. Our Wi-Fi solution builds upon our extensive experience as the industry standard software mandated by leading Carriers worldwide for in-building wireless networks” said Tirtho Deb, Director Enterprise Solutions. “This latest version of iBwave Wi-Fi® ensures the accuracy of prediction results when designing high-density venues by utilizing our new multi-radio Access Points support” he added.

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