Only one municipality achieved a 4G availability rating in excess of 90 per cent

Kolkata has topped the most recent ranking table for 4G availability in India, with an impressive 90.73 per cent. A new report, published by OpenSignal, found that Kolkata scored the highest out of 22 Indian municipalities, being the only region to break the 90 per cent barrier for 4G availability. 

OpenReach believes that the Indian government is putting the necessary measures in place to accelerate 4G deployment across the country.  

"The Indian government has just kicked off the process for a major spectrum auction in the country, which should allow the operators to make further improvements in these highly impressive 4G availability scores. The telecom sector is developing at lighting speed, with operators investing heavily in their 4G networks, while fierce competition has led to several major mobile mergers in the past couple of years. India currently has one of the most exciting and dynamic mobile markets in the world – and we’ll continue to track all the developments through our metrics and analysis as they unfold," said OpenSignal’s, Peter Boyland, in an online blog post. 

After Kolkata, came Punjab (89.82 per cent), Bihar (89.17 per cent), Madhya Pradesh (89.13 per cent) and Orissa (89 per cent). OpenSignal noted that the top performing Indian municipalities were clustered around the north and north east of the country, reflecting a similar trend in LTE deployment. 

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