Press Release

InfiNet Wireless, the global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, has announced that it is enhancing its fixed wireless solutions operating at 6 GHz frequency band to ensure maximum performance. The announcement coincides with a universal rise in demand for available spectrum and the need for major spectrum re-farming to accommodate the deployment of 5G infrastructures.

The enhancements have also been fuelled by the rapid adoption of the Internet of Things, allowing the company to play a major part in delivering future-proof platforms for devices to communicate not only within their traditional close silos but across different networks and environments, ultimately creating a truly connected world.

“At InfiNet Wireless, we understand the significance of utilizing the 6 GHz frequency band for fixed wireless access and backhauling to enable the smooth delivery of numerous new services and applications which are being demanded right now as we fast approach 5G roll outs,” said Kamal Mokrani, Global Vice President at InfiNet Wireless. “We have channelled our extensive R&D expertise into developing our 6 GHz solutions to be able to offer maximum flexibility to our end users, enabling them to roll out more advanced value adding services. We look forward to seeing these solutions deployed more widely as the adoption of 5G continues to grow globally.”

As a pioneer of fixed wireless solutions for the 6 GHz frequency band, InfiNet Wireless has delivered thousands of fully operational networks worldwide, working with companies from all sectors of the industry.

Among these, InfiNet has worked very closely with Flex, a major service provider in Russia, to achieve an even larger coverage using its high-capacity InfiMAN 2×2 point-to-multipoint family of products, connecting businesses and households. The InfiLINK XG, a carrier grade backhaul solution capable of achieving 500 Mbps in only a 40 MHz channel of spectrum, has also been used.

Using InfiNet’s 6.0 to 6.4 GHz solutions for all its needs, Flex now offers most of its value-added services to customers of all sizes, with diverse applications such as LAN-to-LAN connectivity, Voice-over-IP, video streaming and conferencing, Internet access at remote rural locations and remote monitoring of assets and video surveillance.

InfiNet’s products operating at 6 GHz frequency band eliminate many of the bottlenecks experienced in lower frequency bands, such as 3 GHz and 5 GHz, especially as they became overloaded with traffic in densely populated areas. In response to increasing interference levels and customer demands for better performance and throughput, InfiNet’s 6 GHz solutions successfully mitigate interference issues to provide stable and reliable connectivity in all environmental conditions.

They are also being deployed by operators in many parts of the world who have been forced by their respective regulators to migrate their legacy 3.5 GHz to alternative frequencies due to the fact that this 3 GHz band is being gradually re-allocated to facilitate the roll-outs of the 5G networks worldwide.