Press Release

The two-day event brought together 50 loyal partners from 13 different countries

Punta Cana, 10 September. Delivering affordable technology to grow wireless architecture and improve public safety in Latin America was top of the agenda last week when InfiNet Wireless, the global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, addressed its regional partners at its annual exclusive LATAM conference.

Held in Punta Cana, the conference enabled InfiNet Wireless to present brand-new solution lines planned for 2018 and beyond, including the recently launched Quanta 5. Affordable, rapidly deployable and with a processing power of up to 800,000 packets per second, the Quanta 5 boasts the highest spectral efficiency available in today’s wireless marketplace.

In his keynote speech to attendees, Carlos de la Madrid, Regional Business Development Manager for LATAM at InfiNet Wireless, said: “Offering affordable wireless technology such as the Quanta 5 is core to the backbone of InfiNet Wireless. As operators across Latin America realise the importance of fast, wireless solutions to increase economy and improve safety, InfiNet Wireless pricing trends, coupled with its industry-acclaimed technology for zero interference, solidifies its position to tackle interruptions in connectivity head-on.”

The conference follows success in the region for InfiNet Wireless, after it successfully reduced crime in Bojacá, a popular tourist destination in Colombia, by improving the CCTV network. Its wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions were installed to combat crime and resulted in a 45% decrease in violent injury crime as well as a 22% decrease in theft since the deployment.

“There is a clear link between a country’s national security and its wireless network architecture, which, when selected carefully and correctly, can cause huge benefits to areas and businesses lacking coverage in Latin America,” he continued.

A significant year for InfiNet, it also supported its valued partner Avantec as it tapped into the Colombian market, as part of an expansion drive to target growth in Latin America. InfiNet Wireless has its own commercial and support offices in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

The conference, held from 4-5 September 2018, also saw the annual award gala for partners in recognition for their efforts and contribution in deploying InfiNet solutions in the region. Awards are classified on various achievements, such as Best InfiNet partner in Latin America for 2018, Best Project of the Year and Best Individual Contribution.

La Madrid added: “There are thousands of InfiNet Wireless links deployed across Latin America, covering all sectors of the industry. This exclusive conference is an important forum for our growing LATAM community as ultimately, both parties can benefit. We add value to their business and vice-versa, not just by sharing information about products or services, but also through conversation on market intelligence and industry trends. Holding this conference right in their back garden shows our partners we are committed to building lasting relationships. We look forward to holding our fifth event next year!”