Persimmon PLC is shaking up the provision of full-fibre to new homes via its own ISP, FibreNest.

Last year Persimmon built 16,000 new homes, mostly for first-time buyers and connected 10,000 of them to its national network of 200 points of presence. Today they have signed an agreement with UC provider Gamma Communications which will allow Persimmon’s customers, through FibreNest, to purchase voice services as either a landline replacement, home working or business line, with full unified communications technology behind it.

Liam Ronan, Persimmon’s Director responsible for FibreNest commented, “FibreNest was created with a clear vision of providing our customers with the highest quality communications experience as part of their decision to purchase a new Persimmon Group home."

Mike Mills, Head of the Cloud & Infrastructure Channel at Gamma said of Persimmons initiative, “With the explosion in home working and the rollout of full-fibre accelerating in the UK…. It’s a real sign of a well-thought-through and precisely executed market diversification and evolution in a home builder becoming an ISP – but it makes perfect sense."


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