Press Release

Infinet Wireless, the global vendor of industry-leading fixed wireless broadband connectivity solutions, announces a new distribution partnership with OCS Distribution, the major player in the Russian market. Carrier-class Infinet Wireless solutions for the fixed wireless broadband connectivity will grow the telecom product portfolio of OCS Distribution.

The partnership between Infinet Wireless and OCS Distribution will grant the distributor’s partners a wide range of opportunities to develop their own business, based on the deployment of fixed wireless broadband access for the clients. The integrators will be able to use more powerful and secure equipment in their projects, with the QoS option available, backed with the experience and deep knowledge of the OCS’ engineers.

The OCS Distribution workgroup in charge of the Infinet Wireless product portfolio has been already formed and started dealing with the company’s solutions which are available for order via the distributor’s managers.

“Being partners with such a mighty IT distributor means a lot for our company, opening the doors to wider possibilities to connect with the OCS’ partners,” Roman Smirnov, Commercial Director at Infinet Wireless, comments. “In our turn, we will do our best to find a new target audience for our innovations, perfectly fitting them in the country’s modern ever-evolving economic infrastructure.”