Press Release

Infovista, the leader in modern network performance, today announced an expanded partnership with umlaut, the new brand for P3 Group AG, a global consulting and engineering organisation. Infovista and umlaut will continue a successful strategic relationship to jointly offer mobile network benchmarking services to customers worldwide.

umlaut continues to rely on Infovista to deliver actionable insights to network operators, regulators and other telecom related industries regarding the performance of services such as Voice, Video, 5G and IoT from the subscriber perspective. umlaut will continue to use Infovista TEMS solution as its only source of data collection to provide network benchmarking and optimisation services, generating the industry-standard umlaut score based on their proprietary measurement methodology used in worldwide network testing.

Through the extended partnership, the umlaut Score Indicator has been fully integrated with Infovista’s certified TEMS solutions allowing operators and vendors to do their own tests using the umlaut scoring methodology, as part of in-depth radio network testing for peer comparison. umlaut score indicator is an industry-standard and modern way to measure network compliance to ACSII and umlaut de-facto standards.

Infovista and umlaut are strengthening its partnership further through a joint development roadmap that will deliver superior monitoring, reporting and analysis engines to work in an automated environment with increased efficiency.

“Our trusted relationship with umlaut brings together two organisations with highly aligned benchmarking tools and services to provide network operators with the intelligence needed to improve service quality to ensure customer loyalty and revenue generation. We welcome and support the emergence of umlaut as an integrated business and look forward to extending our trusted relationship to jointly address operator needs today and into the 5G and IoT future,” said José Duarte CEO for Infovista.

“Our re-branding unites more than 20 specialised companies under one global brand and responds to the wishes of our clients’ and partners such as Infovista for more cross-industry collaboration and a stronger interconnection of processes and products. We look forward to strengthening our partnership to meet the growing demands of the industry to provide a superior customer experience into the era of 5G connectivity and the emergence of IoT,” said Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication for umlaut.