Press Release

INNO Instrument Inc, a global developer of leading optical communications products and testing solutions, is set to launch a new high-precision fiber cleaver and OTDR testing solution at Convergence India 2019, 29th-31st January.

Alongside its portfolio of high-quality fiber connectivity solutions, the INNO Instrument High Precision Cleaver V9+, supports ribbon cable for up to 12 fibers across 250um and 900um coated fiber, tail optical fiber and indoor skin cable.

Featuring the ability to withstand high-temperatures without impacting the working life of the blade, the V9+ blade can complete 48,000 cycles at a stable cutting angle by convenient steps.

“All INNO Instrument solutions are developed with precision, ease and efficiency in mind to ensure the highest quality splice, cleave or test is completed,” said Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma, Sales Director at INNO Instrument India. “The V9+ cleaver is the key for a repeatable, simple cleaving process and is an essential addition to any workshop.”

Alongside the V9+ cleaver, INNO Instrument will also be launching its high-performance, test and measurement OTDR solution, the VIEW 600.

Delivering accurate and fast test results of fiber connectivity, the VIEW 600 OTDR is handheld and modular with both module #10 and #11 available at the show.

Featuring a faster processing unit, multiple modes and diagnostic tests to pinpoint faults and discrepancies within the fiber, the VIEW 600 can measure both MM fiber lines to active SM fiber lines. On a user-friendly handheld smart device, the VIEW 600 also covers multiple environments including metro, last mile and FTTH networks.

The VIEW 600 supports a beginner understanding of OTDR testing solutions by featuring the company’s SOLA application. Without having to set or analyze parameter values, SOLA provides a simplistic way for testers to analyze various OTDR curves within an interactive graphical user interface (GUI).

Mr. Sharma added: “It was important to develop an inclusive testing product as we understand our customers are making a business investment when they purchase INNO Instrument technology. The VIEW 600 provides customers with a versatile tool for all engineer levels and due to its user-friendly nature, provides a best-in-class measurement experience.”

Exhibition at the event comes after a successful project in the region with Indian service provider, Reliance Jio. The latest adopters of INNO Instrument fusion splicing technology, the operation and maintenance project saw the company maximize its fiber connectivity across the region using the Core alignment Splicing Machine Model View6L.

Visitors of Convergence India 2019 can find INNO Instrument in hall 11 at booth C-106, 29th-31st of January, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

To learn more about the V9+ cleaver, VIEW 600 OTDR and INNO Instrument, please visit: