Innovation Award: Operator

KT Corp

GiGA Genie

KT’s AI TV service so impressed the judging panel that one of its members declared, "I want a GiGA Genie!" Launched in January 2017, GiGA Genie takes audio-based AI digital assistant speakers to the next level by also connecting to the TV to add a visual element to the service. It has diverse uses, including TV, music and other media services, weather, traffic, calendar management and other home assistant functions, home IoT control, video/audio calls and more. It is based on long-distance voice recognition technology and Korean language voice recognition.

KT says it is the first service in Korea to apply TV conversation technology and natural speech processing technology, which enable users to have intelligent and more natural conversation with GiGA Genie. It also features a deep learning platform, through which voice recognition and conversation technology are gradually evolved. KT added a GiGA Genie LTE service in November to provide real mobility and portability, and there are other upgrades in the pipeline. Initial uptake has been rapid.

"KT has proven itself by taking advantage of AI technology to boost average revenue per customer and accelerate demand."

"An innovative way to link voice recognition technology with TV conversation technology."


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