Press Release

Luanda, Angola 2 September 2020: By observing and analysing the most used data traffic routings of gamers and other internet users during the widespread Covid-19 global lockdown, multinational IT solutions provider, Angola Cables has engineered and developed a dedicated IP transit solution offering significant latency reductions on international IP routings. 

Through dedicated or premium connections between the major gaming servers across the world, gamers on the African continent and in the southern hemisphere are able to drastically reduce latency or lag by between 20 and 50%. 

During the course of a live streamed simulation event between users in South America and Africa, the company was able to show a reduction in ping of between 70 and 100ms.The significant reduction in latency is a game-altering improvement for many gamers in Africa who have traditionally been handicapped by poor connection speeds and the resulting lag. 

The solution showcased by Angola Cables effectively selects the optimal routes between the international game server platforms or providers and the end user, providing a more direct hyper connection offering a better quality, improved ping, and lower latency link. Gamers or users whose internet providers are connected directly to the Angola Cables network will be able to compete without delays in connectivity, resulting in a better overall gaming experience. The reduction in latency will benefit the many gamers in Africa wanting to compete with their gaming counterparts in the US, Latin America Europe and elsewhere. 

Online players accessing international platforms such as Sony, Xbox, RIOT, Valve, Tencent, Highwinds, Blizzard and others will be able to take advantage of improved latencies – or less latency of up to 20%, vastly improving the overall gaming experience. 

Angola Cables CEO, António Nunes says that the company set out to develop a unique, secure – yet robust, low latency solution to address the challenges brought about by lag for gamers – especially on the African continent. “We also believe that we can provide a premium commodity for ISPs, CDNs and OTTs that require a more expedient and customised IP Transit solution, based on lower latency routings,” adds Nunes. “By delivering a tailored solution that will improve gaming connections for the growing number of gaming enthusiasts in Africa – and the evolving cloud gaming market, we can actively stimulate additional income streams for developers, digital influencers and help to build the African gaming ecosystem and expanding esports environment.”

“By replicating the experience of users and comparing their current routings or gaming preferences, we have been able to improve the gaming experience by tracing more direct more efficient routings between gaming nodes and major IXPs, depending on their geolocation. The routings were then reengineered leveraging the hyper-connectivity advantages of our AngoNAP data centers,” said Nunes. “The good results achieved have given us a strong indication that our engineered solution has the potential to be a sought-after commodity or premium service of considerable value for ISPs and gamers alike.” 

The increasing sophistication of games often leads to an increased demand for large volumes of data and with it the requirement for the infrastructure to be capable of delivering more data at low latency. “Angola Cables is one of the few companies with the capacity to serve this market in a differentiated way – particularly within the southern hemisphere. We have a secure global ecosystem consisting of submarine cable network, data centers, several Points of Presence (PoPs) and interconnections to many of the largest international IXPs that can provide access and coverage capacity in the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia,” concluded Nunes.