With the rapid growth of the mobile subscribers and the flexible diversification of the user services, the amount of data in telecommunications is exploding. These data contain structured data, semi-structured data and unstructured data, which are stored in the BSS, OSS and MSS domains of telecom operators, covering production operations, network bearers and enterprise management. ZTE VMAX(Value Multi Analysis eXpert) Intelligent Big Data Platform realizes the reconstruction of wireless network intelligent operation system based on advanced big data technology. It builds an end-to-end intelligent operation system for mobile networks, and efficiently supports the network management and optimization of the telecom operators by applying ‘Intelligent & Big Data’ to the entire process of network operation.

ZTE VMAX Intelligent Big Data Platform is connected to the operator’s signaling collection platform and network optimization analysis platform to obtain user data. Meanwhile, it completes the storage and analysis of massive data through a distributed data collection architecture and an integrated data processing system. The platform provides operation and maintenance solutions for multiple scenarios such as universities, high-speed, high-speed rail, etc., to achieve comprehensive monitoring of key scenarios. It can visually control the service quality, user perception, and network conditions, and combines key indicator data analysis to achieve rational resource allocation. The platform effectively implements the intelligent network planning and optimization, daily operation and maintenance management, through the automated problem identification, tracking and closed-loop solving. The big data platform provides more multiple application services to third parties through opening data and capabilities, and seeks new business growth points for operators.

ZTE VMAX Intelligent Big Data Platform can help the operators manage the full amount of data, which will support the cost reduction and efficiency of traditional services, the rapid deployment and operation of new services, and the future realization of data, in order to help the operators to get rid of pipeline operations and open up innovative business development models.

As an enterprise-level support platform, ZTE VMAX Intelligent Big Data Platform has realized intensive operation and maintenance management and helped the operators to build the intelligent transformation.

  • The professional modules are seamlessly connected and share the results.The visible network quality and O&M status greatly reduces the communication and management costs of all levels of operation and maintenance.Visual network quality and O&M status make the output of application and the production process linked closely, which reduces the communication and management costs.
  • It breaks the data islands and enables the integration and comprehensive analysis of cross-domain data. As a national data processing platform,it has unified data standards, and effectively increased the value of data.
  • Closed-loop work order management accelerates problem-solving efficiency. The platform is connected with the work order system, and the whole process can be monitored from the discovery to the solution through the flow of work orders.
  • Open data and capabilities to enhance data monetization capability. The open data and capabilities based on Open API provide partners with a variety of application services to help the operators transform from data-cost centers to data-operation centers.

ZTE VMAX Intelligent Big Data Platform focuses on user perception analysis in multiple scenarios, and directly protects the user’s perception and experience through end-to-end demarcation positioning.

  • The big data platform provides the active user service to serve users proactively and enhance their perception. The platform establishes a perceptual file for each user, evaluates the user’s perceptual scores every day, predict the changes perceived by the user, and solve the problem in advance by issuing a work order before the user initiates a complaint.
  • The big data platform provides high-speed rail and highway optimization service which can identify the high-speed or highway users accurately and master coverage and perception information. It realizes the daily monitoring of the high-speed rail (or highway) coverage and high-speed (or highway) user perception. With timely discovery of the poor sections of high-speed rail (or highway), the work order is sent to solve the problem and thereby the user’s perception is enhanced.
  • The big data platform provides university optimization service whose major role is to monitor indicators in real time to ensure business continuity. With daily monitoring of university load and user perception, the capacity problems and areas with poor coverage and poor perception can be found in time, and these problems can be solved by sending work order.
  • The big data platform provides the quality difference area optimization service which can aggregate the shortcomings of perceived problems and automatically analyze the reasons. Through the call record analysis, the quality difference is identified and the space-time clustering algorithm is used to find the quality difference region, and the root source analysis is provided. With timely problem solving, the user perception is improved.

ZTE VMAX Intelligent Big Data Platform is the industry leader with continuous, cutting-edge technological breakthroughs and innovations.

  • Intelligent Scheduling: The data-driven scheduling algorithm completes the dynamic tuning of task priorities and task resources, maximizes the utilization of cluster resources, and demonstrates the intelligent scheduling capability of over 100w+ tasks per day.
  • Data Governance: Efficient telecom data governance based on the deep understanding of the telecom data characteristics builds O-domain data standards and hierarchical data systems, effectively improving data quality and data asset management, and maximizing data value.
  • Data Security: The leading data security algorithm which has passed the standard test of China Institute of Information and Communications (DCA), achieves desensitization of big data, and resolves the contradiction between the big data owned by the operators and the privacy rights of data makers.
  • Visual AI: The visual modeling platform AIE integrates a variety of machine learning and deep learning operators, and enables simple data mining by simply dragging and dropping.

Big data is crude oil, data mining is the core, data is open, and value maximization is the goal. ZTE VMAX Intelligent Big Data Platform is dedicated to help telecom operators integrate internal and external big data resources, unify mining, enhance their business value, and realize cross-industry application and realization.

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