Press Release

InterDigital, Inc. today announced the launch of its Smart City-focused Chordant business. Solutions enabled by the Chordant platform will address the fundamental challenges in Smart City deployments today.

The Chordant platform gives cities the ability to unlock value from any data source, allowing them to build smart city solutions using a best-of-breed, easily deployable platform. Its oneM2MTM standards-based approach serves as a means for bringing the legacy and future assets together in a future-proof, standards-compliant solution. The Chordant platform hides the underlying complexity from application developers, so they can focus on creating applications for cities, consumers and enterprises alike. The platform also features a simple interface for partners to access and onboard their services. Furthermore, by bringing all the data assets into one environment, cities can open the door to innovation that will result in efficiencies and benefits to their citizens.

The platform being offered through Chordant is the enhanced combination of the same award-winning InterDigital products that have won or been shortlisted for more than ten prestigious global IoT awards. In addition, the Chordant platform is already being utilized in an industry-leading Transport Data Marketplace and other Smart City solutions.

“Building Smart Cities is becoming an important focus for government bodies worldwide. However, it is challenging for cities to effectively utilize all their data,” said Jim Nolan, Executive Vice President, Chordant, at InterDigital. “If cities are to maximize and monetize their data, they need a strong, collaborative, interoperable ecosystem capable of delivering Smart City solutions. Chordant provides just the platform to deliver on that commitment.”

The launch of Chordant sees InterDigital further build its commitment to developing Smart Cities globally. Chordant-enabled solutions will be showcased at several Smart City industry events in the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information about Chordant, visit: