Press Release

Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announced the implementation of Smart City project for the Municipality of Egaleo, Greece using IoT technologies to upgrade and improve citizen experience and optimize Municipality’s functions. The project is expected to be delivered within the first quarter of 2022.

The Municipality selected Intracom Telecom, and its end-to-end orchestration platform uiTOP™ to monitor and manage Smart City infrastructure and applications, which include WiFi network, innovative system to monitor air quality and noise levels, as well as the wifio™ CrowdSensing solution to prevent overcrowding in the Egaleo grove. All the aforementioned data will be available to the public with multimedia content, while the Municipality’s services will have access through the platform.

Sensors will be communicating with the uiTOP™ platform through a LoRaWAN network, designed and developed by Intracom Telecom, which network is capable of supporting more Smart City applications and will be property of the Municipality.

Nikolaos Velentzas, General Manager of Intracom Telecom’s Services Business Division, stated: “A significant project has just started and we are, therefore, happy for undertaking such a challenging deployment in Greece too. We are continuously seeking to create and strengthen connected societies by implementing innovative IoT technologies in order to modernize and interconnect any Municipality in Greece. Every single deployment is a unique opportunity for us to offer our knowledge and technology in order to improve citizens’ quality of life.”