Press Release

IP Integration (IPI), the digital contact centre specialist, today announced it is partnering with Blue Prism, a leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software. The partnership will enable IPI to deliver intelligent automation into its clients’ contact centre operations in order to boost operational efficiency as well as improve the employee and customer experience. IPI is the first Blue Prism partner that is solely focused on the contact centre industry.

The collaboration will allow IPI to offer a new automation solution – called IPI Digital Agent – that is delivered using Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform. Automating routine, everyday tasks in a natural and personalised way, the IPI Digital Agent solution will act as an intelligent digital assistant to human agents, proactively offering up customer insights and other important information that employees would otherwise have to seek out. This not only allows employees to serve each and every customer in a more streamlined and informed way, it also frees up their time so they can focus on more meaningful and rewarding activities. For the contact centre’s customers, Blue Prism speeds up transaction times, all with a highly personalised service.

“Blue Prism’s connected-RPA is a complete game-changer for contact centre operators; we believe it will play a central role as our clients continue to digitise their operations and transform the way they interact with their customers,” said Josh Ayres, Head of Emerging Technologies at IPI. “By taking care of laborious tasks, Blue Prism dramatically eases the burden on agents, providing them with the time they need to focus on those customers who require the most support. You cannot underestimate the impact that motivated, empowered agents have on the quality of customer service and, in turn, contact centre profitability.”

IPI will offer its Digital Agent tool as part of its comprehensive contact centre technology portfolio, which includes best-of-breed solutions together with consultancy, professional services and training. In addition to these new software robots, IPI helps its clients integrate a range of next generation technologies – including chatbots, text-to-speech, voice recognition & analytics, biometrics and social media analytics tools – into their everyday operations, creating omnichannel contact centres that meet the exacting requirements of today’s – and tomorrow’s – consumers.

“IPI is a fantastic addition to the Blue Prism Partner programme, and marks a significant step forward as we ramp up our focus on the contact centre industry,” said Michael Laurenson, SVP of Global Alliances and Channels for Blue Prism. “The company’s experience of designing and supporting many of the UK’s busiest and highest-performing contact centres, together with its deep understanding of the particular challenges and ambitions of the industry, make it the ideal partner both for us and for organisations that are eager to understand how intelligent automation can transform their operations.”