Press Release

IPI, the contact centre specialist, today announced that it has partnered with cloud, data analytics and digital managed services provider zsah, to deliver cloud-based innovation, customer experience (CX) solutions, and next-level contact centre applications. Bringing together a combined portfolio that incorporates zsah’s unique set of analytical applications and IPI’s expert CX and contact centre consulting services, the partnership will focus on driving intelligence from information and data, empowering businesses and contact centres to optimise operations for themselves and their customers.

In particular, the partnership will include the functionality of zsah’s geospatial analytical tool, Eqolines. Integrated with visual analytics platform, Tableau, Eqolines helps organisations travelling to deliver a service and consumers travelling to consume a service to streamline their journeys and optimise their investments through data analytics. Eqolines will enable IPI’s clients, particularly those in the retail, public sector and utilities spaces, to deliver unique services to end-user customers and gain recognition for an excellent experience.

“Our partnership with IPI will take CX to the next level. Our portfolios are highly complementary, with zsah helping organisations extract maximum value from their tech investments and data assets, and IPI bringing its expert consulting services and CX knowledge to the table,” said Amir Hashmi, founder and CEO at zsah. “We want to enable organisations to regain control and make smart, evidence-based business decisions. This partnership solidifies what has been a long working relationship, and we’re delighted to be working with Dave and the team to build an exciting roadmap of innovation.”

Looking to the future, IPI and zsah plan to develop a consulting-based insight tool for combining multiple sources of relevant commercial data to deliver more valuable information to customers.

This software will collect and analyse multiple feeds of data, hugely prevalent throughout organisations in today’s digital-first world, and turn this data into value. With IPI’s consulting expertise around contact centre operations, and zsah’s capability for agile DevOps and analytics, IPI and zsah aim to create solutions that will deliver added value to customers, but also provide greater business intelligence to enable them to grow this value in the future.

“We are thrilled to be officially partnering with zsah, whom has been a close associate for over a decade. This is a natural point for us to combine our capabilities and leverage our collective skills and expertise to focus on helping all of our clients become more agile and deliver an improved experience to their own customers,” said Dave Glasgow, Director IPI. “The combination of zsah’s data analytics and IPI’s business intelligence gives us a strong foundation to continue innovating throughout our partnership.”