Press Release

The leading mobile authentication and fraud prevention solution provider, IPification launches IM (Instant Messaging) Auth to enable mobile developers globally to use WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram for quick user login and phone verification. With this solution, IPification is expanding the coverage of its services beyond mobile network operators who have its GMiD box installed.

Mobile developers will now have the option to implement IM Auth, the IM-based authentication solution from IPification to significantly increase the security and user experience of their mobile apps when compared to SMS OTP – in turn also improving their user acquisition, engagement, and retention rates.

To verify via IPification IM Auth, users choose their preferred IM provider, send an automatic message to the branded IPification account, and they are instantly authenticated within two clicks.

“IM Auth is incredibly important for IPification considering that it expands our coverage to just about the whole planet via WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram,” said Stefan Kostic, IPIfication CEO. “We are super happy to be able to offer our secure and frictionless authentication to mobile app developers, even if their users aren’t using SIMs from one of our MNO partners.”

The flagship mobile authentication solution from the company, mobile IP address-based one-click authentication with the highest security will still be available for users with IPification MNO partner SIM cards. The rest of the users can now also claim the benefits of streamlined and quick mobile authentication and higher security with IM Auth.

In addition to the coverage of 1.5 billion subscribers in 20+ markets globally, IPification solutions can now also be used by all WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram users.