Press Release

Iskratel, the leading European provider of broadband access solutions, today launched its Innbox G78 GPON home gateway – which will improve Wi-Fi performance by up to 30% – and a new mesh Wi-Fi solution, enabling operators to provide seamless, whole-home coverage with gigabit connectivity.

Featuring multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) for an improved end-user experience, the Innbox GPON home gateway supports the integration of mesh Wi-Fi and management of remote access points (APs) to improve both Wi-Fi performance and coverage.

The new solution, which provides hardware support for Wi-Fi Alliance’s Easy Mesh, has been launched alongside Iskratel’s new mesh Wi-Fi solution. This further addresses inadequate home broadband and uses a cloud-based TR-069 centralised management system to provide operators such as one of Croatia’s leading fixed broadband provider Optima Telekom with remote control and configuration of customer premises equipment (CPE).

“As a long-time satisfied Iskratel customer, Optima Telekom has been witnessing how their products offer performances which meet our and customer’s requirements and expectations in the best possible way. Therefore, we welcome all their novelties, especially because we are also dedicated to innovative, customer centric products and services,” said Tomislav Grmek, Director of Telecommunication Systems Development and Operations Department and Deputy CTIO at Optima Telekom, which has used Iskratel’s solutions in its network for more than seven years.

“Looking ahead, as customer habits continue to change, and the number of wireless devices grows, the importance of products such as the Innbox G78 GPON home gateway becomes more vital” added Tomislav Grmek.

With Iskratel’s new Plug and Play mesh Wi-Fi solution, APs can be simply and quickly deployed, while enabling less APs to be used to provide the same area of coverage. With zero-touch setup, it provides management, provisioning and diagnostics which can be integrated into GPON home gateways and the auto-configuration TR-069 system. This optimises network operations, reduces operational expense and constantly monitors equipment, allowing network issues to be fixed before customers complain. In addition, end users are able to monitor the performance of their Wi-Fi network via a mobile app.

“We are very pleased to launch our two new products which aim to address sub-standard Wi-Fi performance in consumers’ homes,” said Mitja Golja, Head of Solutions for Broadband Networks at Iskratel. “This will become increasingly important for operators as end users increasingly access bandwidth-hungry services at home and any drops or lags in connectivity become unacceptable. Our new solutions will support operators in meeting these expectations, enabling simplified network management and reduced operational costs.”

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