Press Release

Ixia, the network test, visibility and security solutions vendor has announced its new Network Visibility Operating System (NVOS) solution, a software version of Ixia’s network packet broker (NPB) product that allows Ixia’s NPB’s patented, feature rich capabilities to run on open networking switches, such as those from Edgecore Networks. NVOS embraces the movement of disaggregating software and hardware in software defined data center (SDDC) networks.

NPBs aggregate, filter, and load-balance network packet data to seamlessly and efficiently deliver that packet data to security, forensics, and performance management tools. Ixia’s NVOS is a software solution that transforms open switches into NPBs, providing rack and data center level visibility. It offers complete access to network packets to facilitate real-time visibility, insight, and security for high density hyperscale, microscale, and SDDC networks, even as they expand.

“New approaches for pervasive network visibility in web scale and software-defined data centers are enabling cloud service providers, telecom service providers and enterprises to gain deeper, valuable insights into network services using increasingly cost-effective and flexible approaches,” said Jeff Catlin, VP Technology, Edgecore Networks. “Edgecore is pleased to collaborate with Ixia, to enable customers to benefit from Ixia’s Network Visibility Operation System (NVOS) on Edgecore’s open networking switches, as a feature-rich and powerful visibility platform for these modern disaggregated cloud and telecom infrastructures.”

NVOS delivers control, coverage, and performance to help protect and improve crucial networking, data center, and cloud business assets on open networking switches being adopted in the marketplace, delivering the following customer benefits:

– Flexibility: easy to download and install on certified open networking switches; capabilities can be activated as needed, and costs controlled by separating software and hardware

– Total visibility: Supports top-of-the-rack aggregation at the required throughput to help eliminate blind spots; offers aggregation, replication, load balancing, and source port labeling; works seamlessly with Ixia’s Vision ONE and Vision 7300 network packet brokers

– Ease-of use: Point-and-click web-interface offers an intuitive network-to-tools layout, enabling users to easily translate to real-life physical configurations

“IT management will appreciate the flexibility of Ixia’s NVOS,” says Recep Ozdag, Vice President of Product Management at Ixia. “Customers can build a data-center of any size by leveraging existing hardware or the hardware solution of their choice, which is ideal for creating an efficient and cost-effective IT operation.”

Ixia’s NVOS, on an open switch, can be used as a standalone device, much like a Ixia’s Vision Edge network packet brokers, or as part of Ixia’s robust Security Fabric solution when combined with the company’s turnkey Vision ONE or Vision 7300 network packet brokers. This combination creates a powerful visibility engine that delivers the right traffic to the right security and monitoring tools, while enabling customers to leverage Ixia’s advanced visibility intelligence features such as deduplication, packet trimming, application filtering, SSL decryption and encryption, and more.