Press Release

JeraSoft, the innovative developer of carrier-grade billing platforms and VoIP solutions, announced today the release of a new version of their versatile billing platform – JeraSoft VCS 3.12

The key feature of JeraSoft VCS 3.12 is the Internet of Things (IoT) services support. It enables users to bill any type of event within their business model gathered from multiple devices (sensors, controllers, vehicles, smartphones, machines, etc.) aimed at supporting home automation, health monitoring, or any other IoT service. The new version provides users with new features, improved performance, and even greater ease-of-use.

“The functionality of the JeraSoft billing platform continues to advance at a rapid pace,” says Suren Arustamyan, Chief Operating Officer at JeraSoft. “With this latest version 3.12, we are again improving the platform’s performance in general, while at the same time incorporating many new features requested by our fast-growing customer base. The launch of our IoT billing platform has moved us one step forward in developing multicomplex marketable products strengthened with thorough technical support.”

In addition to these developments, JeraSoft introduces CoreAPI optimized for performance and aimed at serving high-frequency requests. Development of mobile applications or customers’ portals as well as real-time data synchronization with 3rd party systems are the typical usage cases for CoreAPI.

Other key business benefit that can be achieved from using JeraSoft VCS 3.12 is the Customer Dynamics Report. Now users can create dynamic reports in terms of customer base growth, subscriptions and on-demand services usage, balance refills, etc.

Also, the JeraSoft team introduced Provisioning API, the whole new part of the platform that provides “Push Model” API. It allows calling of external handlers triggered by events within billing platform. Such approach will greatly simplify data synchronization with 3rd party systems such as application servers, gateways, CRMs.

The JeraSoft team invites users to participate in an upcoming webinar about changes and enhancements to JeraSoft VCS 3.12. Our application engineer will go through the important updates to this version. To sign up for webinar and get the full list of updates, please visit our website