Press Release

JeraSoft, a leading developer and integrator of high-quality billing solutions for telecom and IoT providers, has recently announced the major release of the JeraSoft Telecom and IoT Billing Platform. This version brings updated features and developments, improved performance, and greater ease-of-use.

The next generation of the JeraSoft Billing Platform, VCS 3.13, introduces a new client portal, empowered analytics, search tools and extended integration opportunities.

Key features of the JeraSoft VCS 3.13:

– Upgraded Client Portal that is fully API based and comes with all source code
– Global Search tool for performing a full search within an entire system
– New integration with TelcoBridges’ downloadable Virtual Tsbc
– New integration with DAS Solutions’ SMS Gateway
– New Invoicing Report tool to overview and analyze all invoiced items across the system with the possibility to export data (*.xls, *.xlsx and *.csv).
– CoreAPI Documentation integrated to the VCS with examples of methods available through the JSON-RPC service.

Upgraded Client Portal
A well-designed, well-executed new client portal gives you means to keep user system secure and share information with his clients. It’s fully API based and can be hosted separately so that VCS can be isolated from the public internet. This portal allows clients to access relevant data at any time, eliminating the need for time-consuming emails. In addition to providing clients with the possibility of ‘self-service’, this portal comes with all the source code. It allows to either customize the system, extend it or just use it as a reference guide for the development of your own portal.

Global Search
From now on, you can globally search for items within the entire system, as well as, find elements within a respective section. It allows the VCS users to quick search by clients, accounts, packages, rate tables, DIDs, code decks, routing plans and drill down to specific data, all without navigating across system sections. Moreover, it’s possible to search by suggested match in the section, when the user is located.


JeraSoft has been integrated with TelcoBridges TMG and TSBC that includes RADIUS authorization and accounting, dynamic routing functionality. Perfectly synchronized, the combination of JeraSoft and TelcoBridges solution allows wholesale and retail VoIP providers to fine-tuned their service offerings and capture the most lucrative market segments.
JeraSoft VCS has been extensively integrated the DAS Solutions’ SMS Gateway. Now, users can use a new DAS SMS collector for billing SMS. In general, DAS Solutions‘ SMS Gateway is a carrier grade, an in-house developed platform that gives telecom carriers and service providers the capability to offer their customers the entire range of messaging services. The platform has an impressively high throughput and the ability to manage SMPP and SS7 interconnections.

Invoicing Report
The JeraSoft Team has implemented a new type of statistics report for accounting, namely "Invoicing Report". It allows users to monitor outgoing/incoming invoices and effectively analyze the statistics by any period and export data to Excel. Also, it could be integrated with your accounting systems via API requests.

New CoreAPI Documentation Section
To facilitate the process, we integrated the CoreAPI documentation to the VCS interface.