Press Release

Radisys has announced support for the latest server class Intel Xeon Scalable processors in DCEngine to accelerate cloud service innovation for communication service providers (CSPs).

The latest server class Intel Xeon Scalable processor family represents a major milestone in processor architecture and platform advancements, delivering workload-optimised performance for compute, network and storage. The Intel Xeon Scalable processor family provides the foundation for the next generation of cloud infrastructure to fuel applications like augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, content streaming, driverless cars and more.

Product Highlights:
• DCEngine, powered by the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors, is a catalyst for CSPs to transform their central offices into hyperscale SDN-enabled virtualized data centers, enabling new digital experiences that require massive compute and storage, with advanced analytics.
• DCEngine’s management software suite, delivered with Intel Rack Scale Design, simplifies data center resource management by enabling an open management framework with dynamic resource allocation, intelligent policy profiling and real-time, granular insight into compute, storage and network resources.
• CSPs using DCEngine in their data centres can expect significant improvements in Total Cost of Ownership through reduced real estate footprint by 55 percent, which can result in up to 35 percent cost savings over a period of three years, as well as substantial reduction in costs associated with power consumption, hardware and software support.

“Combining our Open Compute Project (OCP) inspired carrier-grade platform and a pre-integrated management software suite with Intel Rack Scale Design, Radisys is enabling CSPs to deploy large-scale virtualized data centers that are highly efficient and scalable with significant cost savings,” said Bryan Sadowski, vice president, FlowEngine and DCEngine, Radisys. “Coupled with comprehensive professional services and systems integration expertise, CSP data centers can be turned up in days instead of months.”