Press Release

Jonas Svensson has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer and Mats Ekelund now promoted to Volaris Portfolio Manager. Jonas Svensson previously held the position of Chief Operating Officer of Netadmin Systems. The change is effective immediately.

Netadmin, a global provider of software for fiber operators, today announced the promotion of Jonas Svensson as new CEO.

Netadmin was acquired by Volaris Group, an operating unit of Constellation Software Inc, in 2015 and since then the company has had a steady growth and customer success in the fiber software market.

Jonas Svensson joined Netadmin in 2010, the past year operating as COO. Svensson has played an important role in Netadmin’s strategy, growth and operational performance. Mats Ekelund will remain in close connection to Netadmin as the company will be a part of his Portfolio within the Communications and Media division of Volaris.

“We are fortunate to have someone like Jonas Svensson to lead Netadmin,” Ekelund says. “Netadmin is a strong company and it is on an interesting and exciting journey. Jonas has played an important part of that journey these past years and is the right person to lead going forward. In all Volaris companies we focus on talent management and investing in our staff. Jonas journey is a good example of that.”

“I’m looking forward continuing the path we’ve embarked on. With a proven product, clear product strategy and a strong customer base, Netadmin has great potential. We have a great foundation, and we will keep creating value for our customers,” Svensson says.