Press Release

Cambium Networks, a leading global provider of wireless broadband networking solutions, and Wi-Fi specialist KBR today announced they will help keep thousands of people online during each stage of cycling’s Tour of Britain.

Cambium Networks will provide 16 of its cnPilot™ e500 outdoor access points to KBR for the nationwide event, which will be used to provide Wi-Fi coverage to spectators, staff and media at the finishing line of each of the tour’s eight stages. This latest agreement is part of a long-standing relationship between the two companies and will see the access points set up to provide internet access for the event’s hospitality suites, public viewing spots and the sponsors’ exhibition.

In addition to connecting the spectators to Wi-Fi, the network will be used by event staff to collect race statistics and information, as well as provide them with reliable communications and connectivity to the service vehicles. Speed of deployment was a key consideration in KBR’s decision to choose Cambium Networks’ access points for this year’s race, with the entire Wi-Fi network having to be set up in a new city for each stage.

“Cambium Networks’ solution is incredibly easy to deploy, and that is crucial when setting up eight different Wi-Fi networks in eight different cities for eight successive days,” said Gareth Tomlin, Technical Director at KBR, which is providing the tour’s Wi-Fi for the fourth consecutive year. “Depending on the size of the run down to the finish line, we can put up as many or as few access points as required and mesh them together quickly and efficiently. This overcomes the complexities this situation presents, with potential challenges including the network’s physical infrastructure, the number of people accessing the service simultaneously, and the Wi-Fi range.”

Launched last year, the e500 access points use the high-speed 802.11ac wireless networking standard and will provide KBR with faster meshing and high throughput, making the network easier to manage and configure. The solution eliminates the need for a central Wi-Fi controller, meaning there is no single point of failure and the network can cope with the thousands of people potentially using the service at one time.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with KBR to provide connectivity at such a huge and prestigious event,” said Dan McCarthy, Sales Manager UK, Ireland and Nordics at Cambium Networks. “This solution provides everyone at the finish line with access to the internet, ensuring spectators can update their social media, the media can file stories and photos, and the event staff can carry out their duties without worrying about whether the Wi-Fi will let them down.”