Press Release

Gintel, a leading developer of advanced application software for telecoms operators and service providers, has enabled Kcell, the leading mobile network provider in Kazakhstan, to launch an innovative, cloud-based B2B solution that gives Kcell a new platform to fuel growth by targeting the thriving business community in the region. It allows Kcell to open up entirely new revenue streams and markets, and meet the challenge of stalling revenue growth in its consumer business.

Faced with the challenge of revenue growth, Kcell initiated efforts to secure revenue from new sources. It identified the B2B market as a source of potential growth. To increase its returns from B2B customers, Kcell needed to do more than simply offer connectivity packages. It needed to offer solutions to business problems, including call completion, connectivity for mobile workers, collaboration, and easy activation

Kcell selected Gintel’s Easy Business Communications Suite as the foundation of its solution. Launched in March 2017 as “Mobile Office”, the new offer provides a complete, innovative solution to the challenges faced by Kcell. It delivers complete control of communications to business users, allowing them to manage their delivery and distribution among the connected team.

Because Mobile Office is cloud hosted, users do not have to purchase expensive infrastructure and equipment, they can simply use their existing mobile device. It includes sophisticated call management functions, which means that calls can be rerouted between colleagues, determined by their status. Each user can control their status, while group settings can be configured by an administrator via an intuitive portal.

Adoption is quick and easy, with no need to change SIM or the need to purchase a new one. Kcell has capitalised on the ease with which the service can be adopted by making this simplicity a key selling point. Importantly, the new service promises to increase call completion by up to 30%, which provides a clear, measurable benefit to business customers. Mobile Office commands a premium over and above standard mobile packages that are available and provides a clear path to increasing revenues from B2B customers.

Kcell’s rich mobile network assets ensure that service can be accessed wherever the user is situated, allowing users to move about freely while remaining accessible, as long as there is mobile coverage. By combining GSM / UMTS / LTE delivery, Kcell guarantees a rich service available across the country and a truly mobile experience.

“We needed a solution that would help Kcell to secure revenue growth from new sources, while providing a solution that solved identifiable communications problems for the business community in Kazakhstan. Gintel provided that, and we are delighted to be able to offer a market-leading, cloud-hosted service that will provide the platform for Kcell’s future growth,” commented Marat Auketayev, Head of Business Solutions Unit in Kcell.

Gintel has enabled Kcell to not only launch an innovative, compelling service that is fully integrated with its existing portfolio and offers, but also access a platform that will fuel future growth for the MNO in the coming years. In partnership with Gintel, Kcell has secured a solution that will enable it to establish clear leadership in the business market with a cloud-enabled B2B solution.

“We are delighted that Kcell selected Gintel to become its chosen partner to help it address the challenges of revenue growth, and to provide an innovative, compelling service for businesses in the region. It’s exciting that Kcell has become Gintel’s first customer in central Asia, and we look forward to securing further opportunities in the region,” Thomas Evensen, CEO of Gintel.

It’s a true mobile platform that has no data dependency and which delivers outstanding mobile capabilities to businesses. The deployment is Gintel’s first in Central Asia and the first of its kind in Kazakhstan. It is a clear first for all parties, and suggests a bright future for all.