KPN says that it hopes to rollout FTTH services to an additional 1 million households in the Netherlands by 2021

Dutch telco KPN has begun its accelerated rollout programme for fibre to the home (FTTH) services in the Netherlands, according to a company release. 

Over the course of the next three years, KPN aims to connect an average of 6,500 premises per week to its full fibre network. The company aims to have connected an additional 1 million properties to its full fibre network by 2021. 

“Today, we start the accelerated rollout with the aim of connecting another 1 million households within three years to fibre, the network of the future,” says Babak Fouladi, chief technology and digital officer at KPN. 

“This will allow us to serve our customers better and give them access to a rapid gigabit connection that is also stable and fast during busy periods, thanks to the superior infrastructure,” he added.

KPN has already connected 2.3 million customers to FTTH services in the Netherlands and has plans to reach 40 per cent of the Dutch population by the end of 2021. 

A report by the FTTH Council Europe showed that the Netherlands was one of the better performing European nations when it comes to FTTH penetration, with 17.9 per cent on Dutch households already able to access FTTH services.  

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