Press Release

Reading based ISP, Lit Fibre has appointed Comtec as their supply chain partner as they continue to roll out their full fibre network across the UK.

Committed to bringing their full-fibre broadband service to over 500,000 homes by 2026
Lit Fibre recognised continuity in supply of FTTx materials and supplier risk management as integral to their success.

“By outsourcing the management of our supply chain to a supply chain specialist such as Comtec, who has a track record in managing complex supply chains throughout the world, we’re able to focus on what we do best”, explains Tom Williams, CEO of Lit Fibre. – “Building robust networks, consistent, reliable connections and excellent customer service.”

Comtec, part of the €1billion ETC Group backed by global investment, have a 40-year track record in supplying Telecom operators. They have long-standing relationships with recognised partners and have the scale to invest in UK stock to support a rapid expansion in fibre network activity.

Steve Doddington, Comtec – Director of Telecoms “We’re delighted that Lit Fibre have chosen Comtec as their strategic partner as they continue with their network expansion plans. We look forward to providing supply chain efficiencies, competitive pricing and our mainstay, exceptional service to Lit Fibre to enable them to build at pace across towns throughout the UK.”