The live testing was conducted at an industry event in the Latvian capital, Riga

Latvian telco LMT has competed 5G testing, achieving download speeds of 1.4Gbps in the Baltic nation. In collaboration with Nokia and Intel, LMT’s live 5G testing also achieved ultra-low latency levels of just 4ms.

The tests were conducted at the Baltic Region’s 5G Techritory event, which aims to bring together the region’s 5G ecosystem. Nokia provided the network hardware, comprising of a Nokia Air Scale Base Station along with a radio access cloud core, while Intel provided the end device, namely its 5G Mobile Trial Platform.

The Baltic nations have some of the best mobile networks in Europe and are widely expected to be among the first European countries to rollout 5G mobile services.  

“LMT’s network is currently amongst the most efficient mobile data networks in the world. The era of 2G and 3G networks made Latvian users the most talkative country in Europe. With 4G they ranked second in the world for mobile internet consumption. Now we will aspire to bring the best of 5G to our industrial, governmental and academic partners. We believe the future will be mobile only,” said Ingmar Pukis, Vice President of LMT.

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