Press Release

Maintel, a leading systems integrator and managed services provider, has extended its strategic partnership with Highlight. Maintel embeds Highlight into all the services it builds and delivers to customers, to provide clear and simple visibility into how, where and by whom critical business services and applications are being consumed.

Maintel’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Burnley, Lancashire are the primary users of Highlight. The NOC delivers around the clock support to hundreds of large enterprises and public sector organisations as well as to thousands of smaller businesses. Services include Unified Communications systems, IP Telephony, Multimedia Contact Centre, Local and Wide Area Networking, Print and Document Solutions as well as fixed and mobile infrastructure, airtime and devices.

David Groves, Director of Products at Maintel says, “For over seven years Highlight has been the foundation for our monitoring and reporting, on which we then layer other tools and components to ensure service excellence. We did a comprehensive review of alternatives but found that Highlight does a really good job. In fact, we tend to take Highlight for granted, but without it we’d been in trouble.”

David continues, “With Highlight our NOC teams have a holistic view across all our services. Our different teams share a single view across everything, even down to individual customers, which means we never troubleshoot the same issue. It’s this single pane of glass across all our services that makes Highlight so special – it enables us to respond quickly with the right actions.”

Automation of applications and services alongside performance monitoring and supervision is critical for Maintel. This ensures trends are highlighted before potential service impacting events occur and, where those events do occur, they can be quickly identified, analysed and service restored or work-arounds provided – all with the necessary information to provide Customers with timely feedback and advice.

According to David, “The services we deliver are aligned to the business outcomes of our customers. The future is all about cloud-based managed services so customers don’t need to worry about their phones or equipment. Since we now look after all the boxes in our data centres, it’s vital that our network never has any problems. Customers have access to Highlight but they only tend to look at it when services are first installed and then they rarely bother since everything just works.

“Many customers are using Skype for Business as part of their daily communications,” adds David. “The team at Highlight is great at responding to our requirements and the needs of our customers, so we are working closely to ensure that all Skype calls are performing at optimum levels.”

Alongside its physical presence at the NOC in Burnley, Maintel has a distributed Network Operations Capability to ensure business continuity. This flexible working ensures the NOC team can deliver the best possible service to customers at any time and from anywhere in the country.