Magdeburg based startup, Embever, believes IoT should be fun and has interesting case studies including trains, forests and living walls. But they also seek to reduce the risk and cost of bringing IoT to your organisation with its 100-Days Program

Tell us about your start up
Embever is a deep-tech company and provides its mainly European customers with a communication platform for upgrading and retrofitting electronic systems with cloud connectivity in the Internet of Things (IoT). With Cloud as a Module, Embever has a product that allows customers to integrate the entire communication path from the device to the enterprise IT in a hybrid module of hardware, cloud systems and connectivity services into their products. Furthermore, Embever offers selected customers development partnerships in the field of Internet of Things and digital product development.

What is your USP?
Cloud as a Module is a product that transparently maps the entire communication path from the device to the customer application. It includes the communication hardware, connectivity performance in the mobile network, channel encryption via closed user groups and VPN, all necessary protocols as well as data brokers and integration adapters including an open web API.

We offer industrial customers the opportunity to realize an initial proof of concept in our 100-day program. Our platform has been specially developed for customers who want to quickly access the Internet of Things market with their products without having their own IoT expertise and who want to outsource the entire communication path.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
So far, the telecoms industry has been more of a provider for us. But we have already had some talks with MVNOs and would like to have a strong partner from the sector on our side

How have you got to your current stage of development?
We participated in the Accelerator Programme of Deutsche Bahn in 2019. This programme has made us very familiar with the rail sector and we have also found other customers there who love our solutions.

Why did you establish the business?
I wanted to set up my own business after university. I never imagined that Embever would be in the market for 5 years now and that the opportunities are promising.

Who inspired you?
We have the unique opportunity to try out really innovative approaches with some partners. It motivates me from day to day to see how the Embever team takes on the challenges, solves things and the use cases continue to grow. It is simply a real joy when you move something forward together.

What does the future hold for your business
IoT is a future market that is currently receiving a lot of attention. I think there is a lot for us to do in the coming years. Maybe we can help to democratise IoT and make it easily accessible to smaller companies. Our slogan is IoT is fun! And that is the most important thing, also in cooperation with our partners. The work must be fun

HEADQUARTERS: Magdeburg, Germany
Richard Abendroth (Director Customer Innovation)
Sascha Thiergart (Director Technology)
Henry Schlag (Managing Director)

You can meet Embever at Connected Germany, 6 – 7 December 2022 at the Mainz Congress, Germany. Book your place at