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Startup stories: field of dreams

Czech startup BrnoLogic specialise in FPGA programmable logic technology, field programmable integrated circuits that can be reconfigured after manufacturing. They will be at Total Telecom Congress in Amsterdam this November.

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Broadband in the driving seat

t3 Broadband bases its busness of the belief that broadband is the economic driver for communities. Their mission is to support service providers, utilities, and communities of all sizes by helping them bring fast and reliable broadband services economically, quickly, and everywhere to their customers.

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Stay safe – think like an attacker

We meet bugshell, the Berlin based startup who are building a community to make penetration tests more efficient, transparent, and accessible. Penetration tests examine an organization’s cyber security under the viewpoint of an attacker.

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Making a commodity out of IoT

Magdeburg based startup, Embever, believes IoT should be fun and has interesting case studies including trains, forests and living walls. But they also seek to reduce the risk and cost of bringing IoT to your organisation with its 100-Days Program

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The solution for smart cities goes beyond the internet itself

Connectivity is everything! There are no smart cities without connectivity just as there is no progress without it either. Connectivity is the glue of everything: from the possibility of applying for a job to sending a medical report from an ambulance to a hospital so that doctors and nurses are ready and vital time is saved.

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